What's the Buzz?

What’s the Buzz? is a social and emotional literacy program for children of all ages and abilities. This program was developed for children through to teenagers who need that extra help to develop their social skills in a comfortable, welcoming, non-judgment learning environment.

During this program children learn about

  • Meeting new people/what makes a friend
  • Empathy
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Peer pressure and bullying
  • What is our body and mind telling us?
  • Self-awareness and self-identity

We want children to develop in a safe environment so they can confidently step into the world.

The video below is from one of the creators of What’s the Buzz? Mark Le Messurier. This video explains and shows parents and care givers what a What’s the Buzz? lesson looks like, please enjoy:

What's the Buzz?

If you believe your children would benefit from What’s the Buzz? please fill out the registration form and email it to us at ITEC Health: sa@itechealth.com.au